Answers on a postcard …

Well well well …. Here we are again … 21 months later … incredible to read the comment at the end of that last post … now the title of this one … ‘answers on a postcard please … ‘ … because that is the very project I have just started … creating postcards from my photos of Dublin … Especially by the waterside …. river or sea … Only done 3 cards so far in the last 3weeks … but thousands of photos over the past 18 months … like the one below … not for a postcard … just catching a moment … A glimpse of something out there …. I don’t have a car in Ireland any more … I travel by bus and by DART – the local train that travels round Dublin Bay … Hands free for photography! … With my mobile phone …. No fancy camera so far … So I click away as we pass Booterstown Bird Sanctuary .. Or here the angel looking out across the expanse of sand that is Sandymount Strand …. Made famous by James Joyce in his novel Ulysses …

‘Am I walking into Eternity along Sandymount Strand ….’

The Angel of Sandymount Strand

The Angel of Sandymount Strand

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My first blog!

Greetings! … just discovered I started a blog 6 months ago … only I never wrote anything …. maybe someone else started it for me!

Well now it’s time to catch my thoughts and dreams and notions as they leap in and out of vision…

Sometimes connections are sparked by something out there – a photo ..  someone else’s writing … a film …. etc … so I’ll link you to those as well … as you may head off in a different direction from the same starting point … and that will make for an interesting dialogue!

Sometimes connections are sparked by things that happen to me .. so I’ll tell you what happened … if it might help in catching the connection before it morphs and moves on in its shapeshifter way..

Why now? ….. probably because I’m supposed to be writing a book … and a chapter for someone else’s book … and 3 conference papers … and 4 course outlines …. and 70 comment-sheets on student work … and an application for project-funding … and something about the 50  groups we’re making films for (the films are 2 minute – 10minutes … don’t get excited!)…

I once read and did the activities in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way – It was great … though I never managed to have my weekly Artist’s Treat, which kind of defeated the purpose.   I was ‘doing’ The Artist’s Way  because I was supposed to be writing a book … and a chapter for someone else’s book … and 3 papers …. and … and …  nothing changes on that front …

The practice I have brought with me from that time and that book is what Julia Cameron calls Morning Pages … a daily practice where you start free-writing as soon as you wake up and let 4 pages find their way out of you before you launch into your day.. I still do them … though not every day and not always in the morning! … I begin each one with ‘Morning morning pages’ .. and my creative ideas , my snarling rants, my wonderings and plans – all find a voice there, leaving me to get on with my day un-hindered by the voices in my head … and that’s where the blog could come in  … a chance to, literally, see what I’m thinking … to notice what matters enough for me to want to share it with whoever wanders and wonders this way.

SO – that’s enough for now … basta! as they say … don’t know how long a ‘blog post’ should be but this feels like a good moment to go have a cup of tea!

Wonder what might be a good starting point for next blog-time …. walking the Camino? … writing  Playing The Game? … working with people and performers in Ireland , France and Spain? … the ‘is-it-Spain-?’ and ‘is-it-Ireland-?’ world? … projects in Poland, Greece and Germany ? .. or managing-in-the-middle-of-a-recession-created-crisis?…

We used to say ‘answers on a postcard please’ …

Now it’s simply click the comment ‘button’

Looking forward to that!


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Hello world!

Greetings! …Wonder what I was doing on August 14th 2011? … just discovered I started this blog then … only I never wrote anything …. maybe someone else started the blog for me!

So I’ve just launched in … February 11th 2012 ….

and the post you are reading here is where it all began … with an instructions page prepared to wait 6 months for me to come back and work out how to use it ….

Read my Feb 11th posting and see if I’ve managed it!


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